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  • Zhenya Mykhailenko

russian warship go fuck youself

Updated: May 27, 2022

Almost a month of war has passed.

Thanks to our joint efforts, we did not fall apart and did not give in. Our business, our employees and investors are a living proof that I was right when I have decided to return home. Life changing experience I had was just a prep program for more complicated and history-making future. We were able not just unite in the face of disaster. We stayed true to ourselves, being Ukrainians and continuing doing what we do best. Old employees and new volunteers continue to join us because they see what we are capable of together. Undisciplined rascals leave us, because they can't stand our zeal and dedication. I perceive official thank you letters from high-ranking military officials as an unnecessary formality, but this once again confirms that we are not some impostors, but real chefs.

War is a time of truth and, right now, I'm sure you'll see clearly what I was talking about in my lectures, on FB and every day at work. It is our work that keeps society going. You can already see the fucking queues at the groceries where the food run out. However, the irony is that the raw products can't cook themselves. The government didn’t even plan to prepare and develop at least some chains of supply and production wartime. There are NO more trained people than restaurateurs and chefs to back up our military, who deserve only special attention and gratitude.

Every year after the return of independence to our country, most officers and soldiers of the armed forces and security services not only repeated "We serve the Ukrainian people", but made sure that whole generations of citizens who served in the military or had a military education really believed and understood these words. Despite the lack of adequate budgets and salaries in the defence sector, they revived the principles of the Cossacks. Principles of soldiers who do not shoot civilians, but protect them at the cost of their own lives, if necessary.

Years of corruption and redistribution of influence between oligarchs and politicians were too interesting a game to deal with the development of the country at the same time. Now people are paying for this criminal inaction, and the political dimension we emerged from exploded with the first russian missiles on February 24.

I saw with my own eyes how our brothers and sisters from Heaven's Hundred were shot at Independence square in 2014. At the cost of their lives, Ukrainian society awoke and came to this point in time and space. Now both soldiers and civilians die every day. I believe and am 100% sure that THOUSANDS of these lives will not be just wasted. This will be an even stronger impetus for our society and country, and in the next 30 years the whole world will see how people who have been oppressed and killed for hundreds of years have woken up.

We are a statistical error. We shouldn't exist by all calculations and in all possible options, but yet here we are defending our land from russians AGAIN, like in a fucking Groundhog Day. This time we have to win, because the enemy is weak and fat, and we have quite something to lose. But our main trait, in my opinion, is that we just NEVER give up. No matter how badly we are damaged, we still continue to exist. My family has lived in Kyiv for more than a hundred years. I will not go anywhere from my city, which has withstood all possible wars of the past and it will definitely survive this one. Fuck you and not Kyiv, katsapi.

We are fucking amazing.

Russians are fucked up.

That’s it for now.

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Silvia G. Sanchez
Silvia G. Sanchez
Apr 01, 2022

Stay Strong you guys are Unbreakable! I wish the Cuban people where that brave when I was a scared child there!Then the Russians would not still be in my Country of Birth! My family and I had to leave all behind & migrate to USA!

Zhenya Mykhailenko
Zhenya Mykhailenko
Apr 01, 2022
Replying to

Don't worry US is too far away and we have too many things we love here. also russians are dumb as fuck

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