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We have already talked about expanding and sharing our operational experience and established contacts for cities located along the Dnipro River.

The plan is very simple. Each city in Dumbledore’s Alliance is chosen for a reason. They all run along the main artery of the country, making water logistics possible in addition to standard means of transport. Given the scale of operations we’re trying to reach in the future, river logistics is an important part.


In each city along the route, hold a presentation of the project from Dumbledoor’s Army (code name: hybrid model of logistics support), get acquainted with business representatives and volunteers. After the presentation and acquaintance, make an appointment for the next day before leaving the city with those who want to join the alliance and introduce them to the next steps of the plan.

  • Local residents handle presentation invitations to potential local business representatives and volunteers.

  • Dumbledore’s Army will handle invitations to military, police, national guards and other government entities.

Click here for a video tour made for our Korean fans that can be shared to anyone who might be interested.

What We Need to Succeed:

  1. Involve local residents in public organizations that will conduct training and training of volunteers.

  2. Involve business representatives in the Alliance who would be willing to support the Alliance's work by providing space, equipment, or financing its activities. Especially those who are related to logistics, food production, engineers of all directions and specialists in the restaurant business.

  3. Involve talented photographers, copywriters (who speak different languages at the native speaker level), and web managers in volunteer activities to create high-quality content about the company's activities.

  4. Implement a plan to disseminate information about Dumbledore’s Army activities outside of Ukraine in order to reduce the financial burden on our population.

  5. Attract international charitable foundations to the Alliance and sign mutual support agreements (the war will end, but our alliance will remain and will be able to help in other countries).

  6. Don't stop or give up.

If you want to join, fill out the form on the website.

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