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  • Zhenya Mykhailenko

I want this day to stand out because it’s curious.

Updated: May 27, 2022

Steve @hapahousepdx is one of those people I consider to be the real face of America. Not the ones you’ve seen in movies or news. I have lived with real American patriots whom i have created a bond with over 6 years i spent there. Bonds strong enough that survive college dropouts, divorces, and years of silence. Strong enough to show a kind support that some of my countrymen could never approach.

Non American people who never lived in US or spent there insignificant amounts of time have their images distorted by interactions with low percentage of those who travel and they have met, or those who appear on TV or in media. In fact true American spirit, principals and values are far from left-right, democrat-republican, white-nonwhite center of attention. This center is just a fragment in the middle of a 4 dimensional van diagram thats is American diversity.

Steve has spent 25 years in the kitchen and has stories and skills to prove it. We share love for craft, kitchen life, fish, spam and … adventures).

It looks like we have both grown to know that life is not about stars and fame or the cost of ingredients and their luxury but rather about care and nourishment of humans.

You should come over to try his food if you’re in Kyiv and when he’ll resume work in Portland. He will be cooking with us though until he has to return home to his wife, business and employees … oh and the dogs, I almost forgot the dogs).

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