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Volunteering is a self-imposed and socially oriented activity. It can be done by individuals and organizations.

Dumbledore's Army Volunteers are people who have united and worked in different directions for a common goal - to support Ukrainian defenders and civilians in the rear, and to counter the humanitarian catastrophe.


We are developing and growing. Having a lot of work to do, we are looking for people who are willing and ready to help us.


We provide food and transportation for our volunteers, the work schedule is tailored to the needs of the organization.

Kitchen Department

We are looking for people with experience in the kitchen of any level.

Terms and responsibilities:

  •  sufficient fitness levels;

  •  unloading of deliveries, packing and loading of finished goods;

  •  cooking in large quantities;

  •  assistance in cooking, cleaning vegetables, creating blanks;

  •  work schedule: change of 8 hours, including an hour break for lunch.

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Technical department

We are looking for engineers, electricians, plumbers

Terms and responsibilities:

  •   repair and maintenance of communication networks on our bases;

  •   repair and maintenance of special equipment;

  •   repair and maintenance of working transport;

  •   willingness to go to work if needed


Law Department

We are looking for a lawyer, legal adviser

Terms and responsibilities:

  •  legal support of the organization;

  •  processing and verification of documents received from partner organizations;

  •  drawing up and concluding agreements;

  •  approval of documentation on procurement processes;

  •  conducting legal consultations;

  •  work in volunteer headquarters or remotely;

  •  work schedule by agreement.


Logistics department

We are looking for drivers

Terms and responsibilities:

  •  the presence of a car is desirable, but not required;

  •  in case If you use own car - fuel at the expense of the organization;

  •  desirable experience of driving buses and large cars;

  •  delivery of goods, transportation of workers;

  •  creation of logistics routes;

  •  work schedule by agreement.

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Communications department

 We are looking for photographers, cameramen, 2D designers, SMM managers.

Terms and responsibilities:

  •  maintaining social networks;

  •  creation of text, photo and video content;

  •  establishing and maintaining contacts with the media;

  •  work in volunteer headquarters or remotely;

 work schedule by agreement.


Do you want to join?

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